Crispy Salmon Salad

Here’s a recipe for a quick and easy, not to mention delicious, summery salad that’s got a twist or two up its sleeve. Inspiration came from Susan Jane White’s The Extra Virgin Kitchen which is a really cool book filled with loads of healthy, interesting recipes.

Crispy Salmon Salad.png

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Seafood Risotto

Risotto is one of those dishes which can find itself incorporated into many a meal and frequently steals the show. It can be infinitely altered to suit your ingredients and taste. Yet while risotto may seem complicated to make, nothing can be further from the truth. Continue reading

Cured Salmon and Pickles

Cured Salmon and Pickles: Ancient Recipes for Modern Winters

So this week we have two recipes for you! Why two recipes?

1) Why not?
2) Because they go so well when served together
3) Because both are super easy to prepare
4) Because both are ready at about the same time

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My Terra – Cotta Confession

I recently agreed to accept a terra-cotta casserole dish we stumbled upon during a recent lazy Sunday afternoon at Mahon Point in a home-ware shop. I did so rather reluctantly I admit, as I was afraid this item would go unused and just accumulate dust in one corner or another of our relatively small and already  crowded kitchen. Fast forward to three weeks later and I’ve already used it three times. So what brought about this rapid transformation you ask? Well, the results naturally!

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